Paying for Care

Understandably, the cost of paying for private residential care can be significant, and this is often a concern for the resident and their family. We aim to offer the highest standards of care available at affordable prices. Fees are calculated on a weekly basis, and depend on the type of care required and the size of bedroom chosen. Costs are based on many factors including the type and category of care you require and even the size of bedroom you need.

Local authorities will contribute towards the cost of care if an individual’s assets and savings are less than 23,250 with effect from April 2010, although this may increase or decrease per year. However, the amount given varies throughout the UK. We recommend contacting your local authority for more information and a care assessment. You will be expected to contribute benefits (such as Income Support and Retirement Pension) and any private pensions in order to cover the cost of his or her fees. It is highly recommended that you do make contact with your local authority/social services in the first instance whom, if not now, will be able to provide further financial assistance and even if you don’t qualify for any contributions initially, you may become eligible in the future.

The NHS contributes a small portion of the cost for everyone who is assessed as needing nursing care, whether privately or through a local authority. This amount is paid directly to the care home.

For further information on paying for care, please contact an agency such as Age UK. Similar organisations can be found in the Contact and links section of this site.