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Residential Care


Although many people are staying at home longer, there is evidence to show that some of the factors that are linked to declining health and depression include loneliness and isolation.

Our residential communities focus on maintaining lifestyle choices and empowering people to enjoy stimulating and fulfilling lives with discreet and sensitive care and support to retain their choices, personal preferences and independence. Our thriving residential communities enable residents to sustain and build new friendships and relationships both within and outside of the care community. This enables residents to continue hobbies and pastimes they have previously enjoyed and to sample new opportunities and experiences within an inclusive community setting.


Nursing Care


Nursing Care delivers care and support of a higher level for elderly people who require more intensive physical support on a daily basis. Nursing Care services have a higher proportion of fully qualified and highly trained nursing staff and dedicated nursing equipment.

Strong Life Care specialist Nursing Care Homes include:

  • Qualified and professional members of staff who are available at all times
  • Access to specialist support from other Health Care professionals
  • Living areas, corridors, dining and bathroom facilities adapted to maximise ability
  • A varied activity programme for residents to enjoy
  • Strong community links

Dementia Care


As the prevalence of people with dementia increases we naturally support many families on their journey with dementia. Our aim is to maintain a quality of life for each individual that reflects their personality and life choices, recognising the uniqueness of the person and responding to their individual needs with dignity and respect. Within each Strong Life Care Home you will notice our dementia communities have subtle environmental differences to enable people to accommodate some of the cognitive changes that may be experienced with dementia. These changes are available to all but tailored, as required, to the individual. Our philosophy of person-centred care is all the more important in the communities where people live with dementia. Our approach is feelings-based to reflect the reality of the experiences of the people who live with us.

Dementia is not a normal part of ageing. It is an umbrella term for a group of symptoms that reflect progressive damage to the nerve cells within the brain with a number of different causes. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia, more people are now being diagnosed with a combination of Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia. We know that by building compassionate, trusting relationships, knowing the individuals’ biography, personality and life journey we can help people (and their families and friends who share the journey) to live enjoyable, stimulating and fulfilling lives. Families and friends form an important part of our relationships in these communities; we offer regular forums and education sessions to support and engage wider family and friends. Our care journey will start with us learning more about your life using our “About Me” booklet and “How I like to spend my day”. This is just the start. We also build a lifestyle profile which is uniquely personal to the person we care for.

Our care teams receive extensive knowledge and skills development to help them feel confident with their additional communication and observational skills to support people we care for with dementia. We regularly conduct observational audits to continuously improve the quality of the lived experience for people living and working in our communities.


Day Care


For people who just want to visit us for the day, enjoy a meal and participate in the social events available at our care homes. You may also like to have a bath and a pamper in our salon while you are with us. There are so many social activities that you can come along to and take part in, or even just enjoy talking to other residents in the home and exchanging stories.

Please contact the home directly for an activities programme – this is a nice way to meet new friends and stay involved.


Palliative Care


Providing the very best support for an elderly person and their loved ones during their last days is something Strong Life Care takes immensely seriously. Every single one of our homes is adopting the ‘Gold Standards Framework’ for end of life care, which is widely regarded as the very best form of practice.

Developed by the Specialist Palliative Care Team at the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust and the Marie Curie Hospice, Liverpool, the Gold Standards Framework is designed to provide the very highest level of nursing expertise during a person’s last days and to enable them to remain in their care home setting rather than having to relocate to hospital or a hospice. By bringing together dedicated health professionals from all fields, from physical support, to psychological care, the pathway provides a range of expertise to ensure that each individual receives the very best support in a more familiar and comfortable environment. This support extends to family members and loved ones, helping them too during this time.


Continuing Care


Our care homes are ideally equipped to provide residential support for elderly people who have been assessed as requiring Continuing Care by their Primary Care Trust (PCT). The specialist and ongoing training given to our multidisciplinary staff team ensures they are well placed to meet the additional care needs of an elderly person requiring continuing care.

In addition, our Home Managers have a wealth of experience in understanding and assessing individuals’ care needs and as such are well placed to provide advice to families who believe that their relative may qualify for Continuing Care.


Convalescent Care


After an operation or medical treatment, this short-term care option allows for sufficient recovery in a comfortable and relaxing environment with 24 hour high-quality care on hand. With a focus on enablement, our specialist care aids patients back from illness to independence. This includes those that will return home when fully recovered.


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